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Crowns and Bridges in the Cedar Park Area

When your teeth sustain substantial damage, such as chipping, breakage, or tooth decay, then you need a trained dental professional to aid in the healing and restoration process. Cedar Park’s Town Center Dental can apply porcelain crowns to your compromised teeth to protect them from further damage. Crowns are also commonly used to guard your teeth in the aftermath of a root canal procedure, to cover a dental implant, to restore a fractured tooth, to cover a discolored or poorly shaped tooth, to protect a weak tooth from fracturing, or to replace your tooth filling when you don’t have much tooth remaining.

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Restoring and Protecting Your Teeth

If you’re missing several teeth and are experiencing issues with your bite or teeth placement as a result, our Cedar Park cosmetic dentistry can address those concerns with custom-made bridges. Your dental bridge will be individually created to fit properly into your mouth and sufficiently fill any gaps left by your missing teeth. Connected to your teeth or dental implants surrounding the gap, bridges can be constructed of porcelain or ceramic materials that have been carefully matched to the color of your natural teeth.

Benefits of Dental Crowns and Bridges

The positive attributes of the dental crowns and bridges used in our Cedar Park dental office include:

  • Individualized fit
  • Durability and longevity (can last a lifetime with proper care)
  • Naturally colored and shaped
  • Alleviated biting and chewing issues
  • Maintains your facial shape and prevents other teeth from shifting
  • Restores your smile and self-confidence

Have Questions? Set Up a Consultation

If you have missing teeth or teeth with substantial damages, you may want to consider dental treatment involving crowns and bridges to help correct your issues. Please be aware that these types of treatments often require multiple office visits. For any questions or concerns about our dental crowns and bridges in our Cedar Park dental office, reach out to our dentists by calling (512) 670-8880 today to schedule a consultation at Town Center Dental!

We’re Here to Help You Get the Perfect Smile!