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Traditionally, Azerbaijani marriages last for approximately 40 night times. The ceremony is usually followed by a reception wherever guests sit next to the newly married couple for photos. This may also be a non-public ceremony. The reception is usually filled with traditional Azerbaijani food, live music, and meat.

Before the wedding, the bride’s family starts online dating safety tips off dowry preparations. The bride’s mother invites close female relatives to her home for a wedding. The bride’s room is normally decorated as well as the floor is carpeted. The bride’s dowry is normally carried to the groom’s house. The dowry may include a prayer mat, mohur, Koran, diamond earrings, a wedding dress, and a shawl.

The spouse and children on the groom happens with gifts for the new bride. They will also carry gifts with respect to the adjoint who are in the wedding. The groom’s mother will present a ram wrapped in reddish colored ribbon to the star of the wedding. She will likewise put a diamond ring on the fiancee’s finger to get confidence.

The groom’s mother can even present a dowry to the bride’s family. In addition , she’ll buy charms for the bride and a silk top for the groom. She will likewise buy clothing for the bride’s along with buy gift items for her adjoint.

Following your bath-house commemoration, the groom dons his gifts. He may be dressed in a skull-cap and silk handkerchiefs. He will likewise put on a namar and a silk t shirt. The bridegroom and close friends will then place namar in a dish and drink tea.

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